Comprehensive Guide to Subchapter V in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy


Understanding the benefits and complexities of Subchapter V in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy is essential for small businesses facing financial challenges. This latest addition to the bankruptcy code offers a streamlined and cost-effective solution for small business debtors to reorganize and resolve their financial issues. In this comprehensive blog post, we’ll delve into the advantages of […]

Are Student Loans the New Debt Epidemic?

Student debt overwhelms millions of recent college graduates and their parents Many recent grads and their families are being overwhelmed by a serious student debt problem. American student loan debt has ballooned to more than $1 trillion, with more than 7 million borrowers in default. The United States leads the world in abandoning students to bear the […]

Payday Loan Scams

Although payday loans are illegal in New York State (as well as 14 other U.S. states), Internet lenders are preying on those in the New York City area with “too good to be true” offers. The offers may sound attractive, but once you get caught in these payday loan cycles, it’s very difficult to break […]

Credit Report Disputes and The Fair Credit Reporting Act

A client turns to a bankruptcy and tax debt attorney with many financial problems, including hits to their credit record because they were unable to pay debts on time or at all. A negative entry on your credit report will damage your financial future in many ways, even if the information on that record is wrong. Knowing […]

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

When a consumer takes out some type of loans like a credit card, personal loan, or other types of financial commitment, they are expected to meet the terms and conditions dictated in the service agreement. If the customer fails to make payments on time and in full every month for the duration of the agreement, […]