I highly recommend using Steve Kass as an attorney. I had a serious issue with the IRS involving real property, a company I built and sold, and multiple years of taxes which were unfairly and incorrectly assigned to me and had been hanging over my head because my efforts to negotiate the matter were fruitless, even though a number of publicly available materials proved me right.

Once hired, Steve and his office swung into action, going into deep detail on my situation, history, and my company and my personal finances. The outcome took months because the IRS is not speedy, but it was a real win. I am not only vindicated in the offer that was negotiated, but I owe far, far less than I expected to, which as a number was far less than the IRS had assigned me and penalized me for.

In short, it makes sense to shop, do your homework and hire an attorney with a solid history of winning these cases and with a support staff who can carry the day. Stephen Kass will be your guy.



Mr. Kass and his professional office staff helped me through every step of the way which without his expert guidance would not have been successful.
Mr. Kass was able to access my situation quickly and advise me.
I highly highly recommend making an appointment with Mr. Kass if you are considering filing bankruptcy. I could not have gotten better results!



I consider myself very lucky to have found Stephen B. Kass last year. We were drowning in credit card debt and were on the verge of filing bankruptcy. Mr. Kass was able to negotiate with all of our creditors and reduce the balances SIGNIFICANTLY. Within one year we are debt-free and we saved a huge amount of money in the process. Had we not found Mr. Kass, we would have been paying off our debts for years to come.

I recommend Mr. Kass without reservation.



Stephen and legal staff provided superb, accurate, and detailed financial analysis. Stephen has exquisite knowledge of financial planning and tax law, and was able to make tailored, individualized recommendations that have helped me tremendously with regard to long-term financial planning and resolution of tax issues. The office staff are skilled, friendly, and accomodating.



I had a great experience with Stephen Kass. He took a legally complicated case from another attorney and resolved it. Years later, when his assistance was needed, he responded right away, remembering every detail of the case. He is an expert in his field and a great person to work with.



Excellent and Extremely Professional! Thank you for all of your help.



Made it easy! I was deeply concerned about the bankruptcy process. After interviewing several lawyers, come considerably higher priced, Stephen Kass won me over. I never regretted that decision! Incredibly knowledgeable, totally on his game! I recommend him highly. His staff is helpful and knowledgeable. Their patience is especially noticeable.


Mr. Kass, Alina, and his staff have totally taken the anxiety out of a bankruptcy decision.
Having been told by two previous attorneys that a bankruptcy made no sense and could not be done, Mr. Kass reviewed my situation and my bankruptcy went perfect from start to finish, and glad to say my new beginning has begun this Nov 2010.

Thank you and Alina for all the hard work, the emails, phone calls and a flawless five years.


I found Stephen B Kass on the Internet and took a shot with him because of the good reviews. I was able to get an appointment in a timely manner and found Mr. Kass to be very efficient. He was able to answer my questions and tell me what to expect from the court date. His staff was there to meet me and it went exactly as he said. Now that I’m on the other side of bankruptcy I’m happy to add another good review and recommend him.



I had a very good experience with this firm. Mr. Kass and his associates were always highly professional, courteous and helpful. They made a difficult situation less daunting and explained the process from beginning to end.



Steve Kass and his staff did an excellent job handling my case. They were professional, efficient, honest, communicated well, made things easy to understand and took care of every detail. I was referred by a friend of a friend who also had a positive experience.



Alina handled my case from the start. Her and the staff at the Law Offices of Stephen B Kass, PC are “personal and professional”. I highly recommend them.



If you are in the unenviable position to really need a bankruptcy attorney, take it from me, Stephen B. Kass is your man. After being “hooked” in by another bankruptcy attorney for years, spending literally ALL my remaining funds on defense actions that seemed only to pay for his extravagant cars and vacations, I felt completely hopeless. IRS and State tax issues as well as creditors weighing on me every day for years brought me so far down. Thank God for Mr. Kass, who was completely honest with me, told me what I could expect and what the variables were. He also pointed out how, had I found him earlier, I would have been out of the entire mess with a minimal of expenditure! At least that verified my complete loss of trust in my previous attorney. Mr. Kass brought me through the ENTIRE process, bankruptcy as well as all the tax issues, in time and within an affordable budget. He did everything he said he would and remained available to me at all times. Do NOT go to anyone other than him… I am telling you the God’s honest truth. He is a wonder amongst a profession of people I no longer trust… a shining star.

by dms


I HIGHLY recommend Stephen Kass if you are in need of a bankruptcy lawyer. Based on my initial phone call and consultation, I knew he would be trustworthy and handle my case with care through to completion. I never felt rushed and he was always available for questions. I trusted his knowledge and experience during the entire process. He was also the most legitimate lawyer present in front of the Trustee during my court hearing, amongst what seemed like a group of shyster attorneys. In conclusion, Stephen was successful in having my case fully discharged and I now have a chance to start rebuilding my life.

by jnnm


Steve Kass was instrumental in getting my life straightened out. His extraordinary professionalism helped me structure a deal with the IRS that I could live my life and pay monies owed at the same time. If you need help with tax issues, he’s the person to call.



Not only experienced with bankruptcy, but had detailed knowledge of the complex tax issues I faced. Also, very reasonably priced!


Mr. Kass handled my case professionally and negotiated terms that were exactly what he said I might expect. His experience in the field is exemplary.

Brooklyn, NY

Dear Steve:

I just wanted to send a note of thanks for your work on my legal case. I appreciate all your work and patience, and obviously wish I had found you earlier. I’m glad that I eventually did, and would be pleased to recommend your services to anyone requiring them.

North Bergen, NJ

Mr. Kass handled my case from consultation to completion with the utmost professionalism and care. I always felt that my case resolution was in line with the realistic scope of expectations provided. I highly recommend Mr. Kass and staff.

Brooklyn, NY

There are a lot of shysters out there who claim that they can help you with these problems, but some of them cause worse problems. This office is an exception, highly knowledgeable and professional. If you need this service, definitely start here.

New York, NY


Thanks again for absolutely everything. You came up with such a creative solution to what I thought was an impossible problem. My entire family is so much better off having retained you!!!

Elizabeth M.,
New York

Stephen B. Kass provided wonderful counsel to my family. He is extremely pleasant to work with and is a very capable, professional lawyer. I would highly recommend his services!

New York, NY

Mr. Kass is conveniently located in downtown Manhattan. During the visits to his office, he was prompt and professional and offered solid advice to help me navigate a system I knew nothing about. Every step was laid out (including my need to get a new social security card) and Mr. Kass and his staff made the process easy. Upon my hearing date, a member of the staff met me at the courthouse and provided good advice on what to expect.

I found Mr. Kass through a legal referral service. I called around and determined his rate was quite reasonable. Another lawyer said to that if the lawyer was recommended through the particular legal referral service and that if I was getting that price, to go with him (Mr. Kass). It is not cheap, but the fee was well worth the end result.

Mr. Kass proved knowledgable about the intricacies of my particular case. He laid out the potential outcomes very honestly and was able to provide the information needed to make my decision about how to move forward.

In short, a solid lawyer at a reasonable price. Surely shop around, but don’t pick a lawyer without speaking to Mr. Kass first.

New York


Thank you and your staff for all the help and patience with me. I know I was a pain at time, but it’s my first time filing for bankruptcy I didn’t know what to expect.


Dear Steve:

I can’t thank you enough for your expert handling of my matter and your professional, attentive representation over the last year and a half. I would be happy to recommend your firm.

New York, NY

I highly recommend Stephen B. Kass’s office for legal representation regarding bankruptcy. They were very attentive to my case, very precise, and very supportive. My lawyer in particular Alina Solodchikova, Esq. was extremely helpful and supportive throughout the most stressful and toughest periods of my life. All my questions were answered and they made me comfortable enough that I call with questions for advice. I HIGHLY recommend them for legal representation.

Brooklyn, NY

Stephen B. Kass and Alina Solodchikova are very nice attorneys who really spend their time getting all of the details before giving advise. They are very knowledgeable and experienced in bankruptcy cases and very encouraging to provide resources for rebuilding your credit.
My bankruptcy went very smoothly. Thanks a lot!

Yuri Y.
Brooklyn, NY

Pleasant and highly professional: Both Mr. Kass and his associate Alina Solodchikova are not only highly knowledgable and professional in their field of bankruptcy but also they are wonderfully nice lawyers. We were very impressed with the attention given to our case and the encouragement they gave us. We highly recommend the Law Offices of Mr. Stephen B. Kass. Thank you again!

Upon doing a Google search, I located the Law Offices of Stephen B. Kass, P.C. and I carefully read their biographies. I decided, with trepidation, to schedule my first appointment. Being nervous about this whole process, I did not know what to expect. I was introduced to Alina Solodchikova, Esq. LLM. She reassured me that, I’m not the only one; do not feel ashamed or embarrassed. Bankruptcy is an option that is set in place by the government to give individuals as well as businesses recourse when they no longer have the financial ability to pay. Everything was clearly and concisely explained everything to me regarding the pros and cons of bankruptcy. The firm exhibited the highest level of courtesy, professionalism, and expedited serviceI highly recommend the Law Offices of Stephen B. Kass.


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  • Penalty Abatement using reasonable cause and the one-time abatement.
  • Levy relief and protests
  • Passport revocation relief
  • Due diligence on personal and business tax debts and status
  • 1031 exchange planning and closing
  • Real estate capital for acquisitions, refinance, and developments
  • Debt and equity capital options


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