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Law Offices of Stephen B. Kass, P.C.

With over 25 years of legal expertise, the Law Offices of Stephen B. Kass, P.C. is your trusted partner for comprehensive legal counseling in the specialized fields of taxation— including tax settlements, offers, and litigation— as well as Business Bankruptcy (Chapter 11 Reorganization for businesses grappling with significant tax debt, and Chapter 11 filings for individuals with considerable tax liabilities).

We are among a select group of firms that regularly engage with the IRS, Florida State Authorities, United States Attorneys, and Attorney Generals on tax-related matters.

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Miami Tax Services

Miami Law Firm Providing IRS Offers, Tax, Business & Corporate Legal Services

florida sales tax

All engagements will be undertaken from inception to completion by Stephen Kass, who holds both law and accounting licenses and has a master’s in tax law from NYU and has worked for the largest accounting firms, investment banks, consulting firms as well as bankruptcy judges.    Most other firms assign tax controversy work in whole or in part to junior associates and paralegals. 

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Miami Tax Services We Offer

florida sales tax
  • IRS Offers for income and trust fund taxes.
  • IRS installment agreements
  • Collection due process filings
  • Innocent Spouse filings
  • Penalty Abatement using reasonable cause and the one-time abatement.
  • Levy relief and protests
  • Passport revocation relief
  • Due diligence on personal and business tax debts and status
  • 1031 exchange planning and closing
  • Real estate capital for acquisitions, refinance, and developments
  • Debt and equity capital options

Recent Cases

Subsidiary of public company with over $40M revenue and performed an out of court workout to abandon leaseholds and settle with over 75 vendors most at 25-33% of face value.

NYC Chapter 11 for food services company with over $8M revenue. Worked with creditors committee.  Dealt with IRS criminal tax investigation, settled sales tax claim for over $200K discount with 6-year payment plan for confirmed plan.

NYC restaurant with over $3M in revenue. Settled sales taxes with over $150K discount and sold leasehold in 363 sale.

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The Law Offices of Stephen B. Kass, P.C. offers tax services in Florida as well. With their expertise, they can provide valuable assistance to individuals and businesses in navigating the specific tax requirements and regulations in the state of Florida.

Miami Office

Miami Office

Bankruptcy adversary case with Department of Justice in DC for over $2.5M in taxes outstanding and discharged and settled for under $200k.

Chapter 11 for contractor with over $3M in revenue. Settled tax claim with United States Attorney for over $200k discount and conducted 363 sales to fund confirmed plan.

Personal tax court case with over $35M in taxes claimed with international, residency, mark to market, hedging issues. Settled the case during trial and further discounted the amount with an offer in compromise.

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Stephen Kass ()

Miami Florida Tax Expert

Stephen B. Kass, P.C.

Formerly employed by the international tax consulting firms of Deloitte & Touch, LLP. and Marcum LLP, Mr. Kass has provided reliable tax controversy services regarding sophisticated matters for years. He is admitted to the Bars of the States of New York and New Jersey as well as the Federal Courts for the Eastern and Southern Districts of New York as well as Tax & US Supreme Courts.

He is also a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and the Association of Attorney-Certified Public Accountants, and a gold member of the Tax Representative Network.

He also has completed a Masters of Laws in Taxation at New York University School of Law. Mr. Kass has given numerous lectures on the complexities of the interplay between the Internal Revenue and Bankruptcy Codes.

Mr. Kass currently resides in Miami and advises clients in tax controversy with respect to Bankruptcy problems, Tax problems, debt restructuring, corporate reorganizations, Tax Planning and deal structuring in Florida, among his other services.

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In a world where state income taxes are the norm, Florida stands out as a haven for residents seeking a reprieve from this financial burden. The Sunshine State has gained a reputation for its tax-friendly policies, particularly for the lack of personal income tax in Florida. Let’s delve into the intricacies of Florida’s tax foundation, exploring the advantages, economic implications, and considerations that come with this unique approach.

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