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Real Estate Abandonments & The Means Test

Dischargeability of Certain Taxes in Lieu of the IRS’ Having Filed a Substitute for Return- Where We Stand Now

Discharge of Unfiled Taxes under the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Protection Act 2005 (BAPCPA).  No More “Super Discharge?” published in the American Bankruptcy Institute Journal, 15-5 ABIJ 10.

Solutions for the Bankruptcy Taxpayer, Continuing Education Seminar Presentation to the NY County Bar Association, 1999 an 2003.

French Investment in US Real Estate

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Real Property Transfers and Bankruptcy Tax Exemptions

Offer In Compromise


Offers –in-Compromise with the IRS

Overview of the Automatic Stay

Chapter 11 for Individuals with High Tax Debt

Chapter 11 for Businesses with High Tax Debts

Mark to Market Rules

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In bankruptcy, prepare for worst

Many find Chapter 11 a dead end

By Judith Messina

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