Understanding Penalty Abatement Tax Services

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One of the most stressful things to deal with as a taxpayer is receiving a notice from the IRS stating that you have penalties assessed against you. Not only can these penalties be financially burdensome, but they can also have long-term consequences on your credit score and overall financial health. Fortunately, there are tax attorneys […]

The Basics of Federal Tax Lien Subordination: An Overview

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One of the most important things to remember as a taxpayer is the payment of taxes owed to the government. However, if you cannot pay your taxes, it’s essential to understand the basics of federal tax lien subordination.  This overview will help you know what federal tax lien subordination entails, how it works, and why […]

A Guide to Tax Evasion & Tax Avoidance. Difference Between Tax Evasion and Tax Avoidance

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For most people, the terms tax evasion and tax avoidance may seem interchangeable, but they have very different meanings. Tax evasion involves illegal actions, while tax avoidance is a legal way to reduce one’s tax liability. Understanding the difference between the two is critical as it can have significant implications for individuals and businesses alike. […]

Staying On Top of Taxes: 6 Ways a CTRS Can Help You

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Find yourself in a situation where you need assistance dealing with the IRS or state tax agency? If so, then a CTRS can be the ideal ally to help you navigate the complexities of tax resolution. A certified tax resolution specialist (CTRS) is a tax professional who has undergone rigorous training and certification to effectively […]