Chapter 13 for Small-Medium Sized Bankruptcy

Individuals and married couples who are owners of small to medium-sized businesses in New York City have a special option available for small business bankruptcy that can help save their businesses or assets. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is available to those who have assets and income and who want to try to salvage their business or […]

Frequently Asked New York Bankruptcy Questions

Many times people do not file bankruptcy to get rid of their financial worries because they do not ask the right questions to better understand the bankruptcy process. The following answer frequently asked questions about bankruptcy proceedings: What is bankruptcy? Bankruptcy is a proceeding to discharge debt for individuals. Bankruptcy provides a fresh start to […]

Legal Problems May Lead to Bankruptcy

Many people get into financial debt because of legal problems. Individual legal problems can stem from contract disputes or tax problems. Speak with an experienced NY bankruptcy attorney to understand if the type of debt incurred from a legal dispute can be wiped out by filing bankruptcy. A tax debt may not be dischargeable in […]

Am I Eligible to File a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

The economic downturn has continued into 2012 for many New Yorkers. A growing number of struggling consumers are falling into bankruptcy because of plummeting home values, dwindling incomes, inability to find regular full-time employment, and disappearance of credit. Chapter 13 bankruptcy, known as the “wage earner bankruptcy,” lets an individual keep property and repay debts […]

Be Prepared for the 341 Hearing in a Chapter 13

The US federal court system allows for electronic filing of documents. A bankruptcy petition is usually filed electronically. Once a document gets filed with the court, all interested parties are notified of the filing. There is a website where bankruptcy cases and all documents filed with the court can be viewed or printed. After a […]